UPDATE AUGUST 27: Our Lela got interviewed by Westword! Read about her musical upbringing, infamous side projects, and our future recording plans!


JULY 2: We’re in a big fat tizzy because CPR OpenAir called our album one of the best Colorado releases of 2018 so far!

You can snag a CD copy online at Bandcamp, or now in the real world at Twist & Shout Records!


UPDATE APRIL 23: COMPACT DISCS (CDs) are available for pre-order on Bandcamp! You put them inside of a Compact Disc player, and the CD player uses lasers to read the Compact Disc, which plays music! It’s slowly becoming more popular to play music from Compact Discs. Try one today


UPDATE MARCH 22: We’ve got a new song out and music video! “Elevator” was directed and edited by Zack Parrinella and the animations were hand-drawn by assistant director Justin Wood. We’re so thrilled with how it turned out. Check it out on our videos page!




We’re so excited to announce that our first full-length release is coming out May 11th! Our first single, “Where Your Mind Goes,” is streaming above on YouTube and on our Bandcamp page! It’s even on Spotify!

We’ll be celebrating it that same night with a release party at Syntax Physic Opera.

It’s been more than a year in the making! We recorded the main tracks live with our friend Noah Simons (of Denver post-punk heroes Male Blonding). Our other pal Drew Sowell at Dead Canary Studios (knob-twiddler for Edison and In the Whale) mixed it and helped with additional tracking.

Pre-order the digital album through the Oxeye Daisy bandcamp page. CDs will be available in May 2018!


Header image by George Blosser