Oxeye Daisy began in 2016. Singer/guitarist/main songwriter Lela Roy met future bassist Eddie Schmid at Denver’s Syntax Physic Opera open mic, bonding over a shared appreciation for Kate Bush, Yo La Tengo, and Bieber’s early stuff.

Since then, Ramel Sanchez (Tyler Imbrey’s Ghost Revue) joined, first as a guitarist, and then later taking up the drums, adding a propulsive beat that can quickly melt into a lockstep half-time groove. Guitarist Daniel DiMarchi (Tyto Alba, Sweet Creature, + many others whew) came later, adding dreamy textures from his arsenal of stompboxes.

Their hooky songs mine the sounds of dream-pop and alternative — evoking tunes you might’ve taped off the radio in 1995 — tinged with honest, melancholy lyrics. They’re powered by Lela Roy’s soaring vocals, which WESTWORD called “soul-shaking.”

The foursome has spent two years honing their sound in Colorado basements, DIY spaces, and concert halls, and has shared the stage with PAWS, Dude York, ROAR (ex-AJJ), Branches, and Wildermiss. Along the way, they’ve played live on Boulder’s Radio 1190 and enjoy regular airplay on Colorado Public Radio’s OpenAir.

Their debut album arrives May 11th, 2018.



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